2018 Annual Florida Bar Convention: Mental Wellness through Vulnerability


Part of what makes lawyer wellness so hard to achieve is the association of vulnerability with weakness. Attorneys feel they can’t ask for help or even admit they have a problem. In this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast from the 2018 Annual Florida Bar Convention, host Christine Bilbrey talks to Dori Foster-Morales and Mark Eiglarsh about attorney mental health and the importance of being vulnerable and open about your struggles as a lawyer. They discuss the advantages of meditation and how the Special Committee on Mental Health and Wellness of Florida Lawyers is helping attorneys learn how to be happier and healthier.

Dori Foster-Morales is a board certified marital and family lawyer and partner at Foster-Morales Sockel-Stone.

Mark Eiglarsh is the owner of the Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh and also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami School of Law.