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Beware Phishing Email With Subject: “IMPORTANT: Updates and Changes to our Member Roster”


A new phishing scam sends members of The Florida Bar an email pretending to be a request to update their information with The Florida Bar.

Do not open any of the attachments or respond to this email and delete it from your inbox. If you think you have clicked any of the links or opened up the attachment in the email you should immediately change your passwords for any potentially compromised accounts. You should also scan your system for any malware. Fraudulent Email Sample Phishing is a technique used by criminals in which they send you an email message and ask you to respond to the email or click on a link within the message. Clicking the link could take you to a website which is infected with malware. When in doubt, contact the sender of the email in question directly and not via replying to the email. For more information on avoiding phishing attempts: