September 7, 2018 | News

Board Approves Three New Member Benefits


Three new practice resources have been added to the Bar’s Member Benefits Program!

During the July 27th meeting of The Florida Bar Board of Governors, the Board accepted the recommendations from the Member Benefits Committee to add the following three programs:

Law Office Support Services, Inc., (, charges a monthly subscription fee and provides virtual paralegal and legal assistants, especially for new lawyers, sole practitioners, and small law firms through the company’s website. According to the company, “LawSprt can work in an attorney’s practice management software or on a custom LawSprt team site. The team site is comprised of all the essential elements an attorney will need for a successful practice while working collaboratively with a virtual paralegal or legal assistant.” The company can track expenses separately for each of a participating attorney’s clients. The company will waive its normal set up fee for Bar members and offers a discount on its normal fees.

Tali makes use of technology that allows users to talk with their portable digital devices and use them as personal assistants. The company’s product allows lawyers to use voice commands to do their time tracking on devices that use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant personal assistant software. The company estimates lawyers will save 15 hours per month normally spent on billing activities, and is offering a 10 percent discount to the Tali subscription price.

Digital Age Marketing Group assists lawyers with their online marketing, including search engine optimization, using social media, website creation, video creation, and directory sales. Also, “Digital Age Marketing Group, Inc., offers a guarantee in writing on our SEO services which works as such; we will guarantee in writing that the law firm’s website will appear on the first page of Google, either in the maps section or the organic section for a particular geographic location or the monthly fee is waived.” The company offers Bar members a 10 percent discount on services.


Tali Time Tracking is no longer available as a Member Benefit of The Florida Bar. For more information on Tali please visit

Information on the various products and services offered by the Bar’s Member Benefits Program may be found on its webpage at