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Creating Engaging Content That Works



Incorporating engaging content into your marketing, follow-up, and newsletters will increase the percentage of leads who convert to clients, and the number of past clients who refer new clients.

We show you how to create content that engages prospects and past clients in a free book-and-course combination.

In an example-packed presentation titled Creating Engaging Content, we walk you through the multiple ways you can assemble and use content to pull in clients and referrals.

We show you emails, social posts, funnels, landing pages, booklets, books, infographics, webinars, and videos you can adapt for your own practice.

All of this will be provided in an hour-long session given by Kara Prior, president of James Publishing and co-founder of its Marketing Amplifier campaign automation software.

Kara will stay online afterwards to answer your questions.

During the presentation, we will cover:

Content that works

  • Selecting topics
  • Choosing format

Attracting leads

  • Begin with lead magnets
  • A combination approach works best

Pulling in referrals

  • Creating an effective client newsletter
  • Demonstrating expertise with a professional newsletter