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July 10, 2018 | News

2018 Florida Bar Annual Convention Podcast Episodes


Catch up on all the episodes recorded at this year’s Annual Convention:

Mental Wellness through Vulnerability

Host Christine Bilbrey talks to Dori Foster-Morales and Mark Eiglarsh about attorney mental health and the importance of being vulnerable and open about your struggles as a lawyer.

Masters Seminar on Ethics

Host Karla Eckardt talks to Richard Bush, Steven Teppler, Henry Paul, Judy Rushlow, and John Berry about the 2018 Masters Seminar on Ethics including the most common ethics issues lawyers encounter.

Wellness Through Meditation

Host Christine Bilbrey talks to Jeena Cho about how meditation helped her with her stress and how other attorneys can implement it in their practice. She ends the episode with a two minute meditation practice for those who want to see what typical meditation feels like.

President Michael Higer

As his two years as president comes to an end, there’s a lot for Michael Higer to reflect on. Host and president-elect John Stewart talks to Florida Bar President Michael Higer about his position.

Elder Law Update

Host Karla Eckhardt talks to Peggy Hoyt and Alex Douglas about the different forms of elder abuse and what advanced age persons can do to protect themselves. They discuss resources, including the elder abuse hotline, and the complexities of guardianship.

Florida Courts E-Filing Portal

Host Jonathon Israel talks to Amy Borman and Murray Silverstein about the Florida Courts E-filing Portal , how it works, and how attorneys can get their documents properly e-filed.

Animal Law Update

Host Karla Eckardt talks to Ralph DeMeo, Matthew Deitz, and Gregg Morton about hot topics in animal law and the growing success of the Animal Law Section of the Florida Bar.

Criminal Law Update

Host Karla Eckardt talks to Denis deVlaming about a couple important US Supreme Court cases including Pena Rodriguez v. Colorado, Birchfield v. North Dakota, and Utah v. Strieff and what their outcomes mean for future criminal law cases in Florida.

Florida Lawyer Assistance (FLA Inc.)

Host Christine Bilbrey talks to Judy Rushlow and Molly Paris about Florida Lawyers Assistance Inc. (FLA) and the resources it provides to attorneys with mental health or substance abuse problems.

Integrating AI into Law Firms

Host Jonathon Israel talks to Eric Ostroff about the impact artificial intelligence will have on the legal profession. They discuss how it can augment your practice by shortening time spent on things like document review and share tips on how to integrate AI into your practice.

Cryptocurrencies in the Legal Industry

Host Jonathon Israel talks to Drew Hinkes and David Silver about how lawyers can and should interact with cryptocurrency. They discuss the volatile aspects of the technology, how attorneys go about accepting cryptocurrency as payment, and the potential for a legal community coin in the future.

Will Smart Contracts Outsmart Lawyers?

Host Jonathon Israel talks to Anessa Santos and Scott AllendeVaux about what blockchain and smart contracts are and how they will automate processes and address problems within the legal profession.

2018 Federal Judicial Roundtable

Host Renee Thompson talks to John Barkett about the event and topics of hypotheticals practitioners discussed at this year’s roundtable, which ranged from document possession to draft expert reports.



The views expressed by the participants of this program are their own and do not represent the views of, nor are they endorsed by The Florida Bar, their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, or representatives. None of the content should be considered legal advice. As always, consult a lawyer.