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Florida Bar Tech Support Helpline (Beta)


Beginning March 15, 2021 through June 15, 2021, The Florida Bar will be testing a non-emergency Tech Support Helpline. Though initially promoted to solo and small firm lawyers, the Tech Support Helpline is available to all Florida Bar Members in good standing that are in need of non-emergency, remote computer, software, and related technology support.

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Note: LegalFuel is NOT the Tech Support Helpline. Use the Get Started link or QR code above to be redirected to the Tech Support Helpline.

What is the goal of the (Beta) Tech Helpline?

The Florida Bar is interested in providing remote computer, software, and related technology support to members of The Florida Bar to assist them with the competent practice of law in service to the public.

How will members contact the Tech Support Helpline?

While members will be able to contact the Tech Support Helpline via email, chat or phone the best way to get help will be to schedule an appointment. Due to staffing limitations, phone and chat support may not be immediately available, an appointment will better guarantee service. Members will be required to sign a Waiver & Release before assistance is rendered. To sign and submit the Waiver & Release Form visit

  • Email: Contact Request Form (Available once Waiver & Release Form is submitted)
  • Phone: (786) 565-5252
  • Schedule: 30-minute calls via appointment

What do Bar Members need to know before seeking assistance from the Tech Support Helpline?

Member should understand that this is not an emergency service. Emergency issues related to court filings with immediate deadlines, or technical emergencies will not be addressed. Members will not contact the Helpline for emergency software issues, hardware or device failures, interruptions of service, or a loss of power or internet services (they should contact the related service provider).

Members will provide contact information, including Florida Bar number and will sign an online Waiver and Release before the consultation begins. They will provide a clear, specific description of the problem or request including any error messages received as well as a description of the device (desktop or laptop, printer, scanner/copier, etc.).

Members will have acknowledged that, as the attorney, they have the ultimate responsibility to take reasonable steps that by contacting the Helpline, confidentiality or other issues (4-5.3) are not created.

Members have sole responsibility to ensure compliance with all HIPPA related laws or statutes.

Before a remote session begins, members should ensure that any confidential information, data or images are not visible to LawTech Partners

Members are asked to exercise patience in understanding this is a Beta (test program) and the volume of requests to the Tech Support Helpline is an unknown.

Who will the Tech Helpline serve?

For the beta, the Tech Support Helpline will be promoted to the Solo & Small Section of The Florida Bar and other Florida Bar solo and small firm practitioner Florida Bar members, but will be available to all Florida Bar Members in good standing.

Who will operate the Tech Helpline?

During the beta, LawTech Partners will provide basic tech support and high-level application support to members. Adriana Linares is a skilled trainer and technology specialist who understands the needs of law firm users and their profession-specific confidentiality requirements.

Members seeking assistance from the Tech Support Helplines will be required to acknowledge that The Florida Bar is providing access to the service as a member benefit, but the service and support is being performed solely by LawTech Partners.

While The Florida Bar makes the Tech Support Helpline available as a member benefit, members using the service are responsible for their own due diligence and safeguarding of client information.

What will be the hours for the Helpline?

Typically Monday – Friday, 9-5 but hours of operation are subject to change, expect closure during holidays, administration, or inclement weather. Any modifications to this schedule or planned downtime will be posted to the Tech Support Helpline webpage.

Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. As this is a beta, and due to the wide diversity of problems that can be called upon, response times will not be guaranteed; but LawTech Partners will strive to provide prompt, reliable, and respectful service to Florida Bar members and assist them with their technology support needs.

What types of questions will the Tech Support Helpline answer?

The Tech Support Helpline should be able to address and support most of the typical software, applications, services, and hardware used by law firms. Including but not limited to:

  • Technical Support
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Basic connectivity support
  • Operating system support for Windows, MacOS
  • Mobile devices and apps
  • Support and troubleshooting for home offices, road warriors and remote offices
  • Basic support for common website builders (WordPress, Google Sites, Wix, SquareSpace etc.)
  • Assist with technical set up and issues with audio and visual configuration for remote meetings
  • Application support – including core business applications such as Microsoft Office, document storage, syncing and management services such as Drobox and ShareFile, PDF manipulation tools.
  • Common internet browsers
  • Microsoft Word – Formatting, page numbering, working with documents from outside sources, creating a table of authorities or a table of contents, formatting questions and issues
  • Microsoft Excel – Printing spreadsheets, creating formulas, using templates
  • Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar – managing meetings, efficiency tips, creating email Groups, sharing calendars
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – creating presentations, editing existing presentations, basic questions re using PowerPoint in the courtroom or remote hearings
  • Microsoft Teams – basic training and set up
  • Adobe Acrobat or Nuance PDF Pro – converting PDFs to Word, Bates stamping, redacting, manipulating PDF files

What types of questions/issues will the Tech Support Helpline NOT address?

It is important for The Florida Bar and LawTech Partners to communicate to members that this is not an emergency service. The following types of issues will not be addressed (this is not an all-inclusive list) and LawTech Partners may refuse service at any time.

Issues NOT addressed by the Tech Support Helpline:

  • Infrastructure hardware: servers, firewalls, telephone systems, fax machines, networked printers and scanners
  • High-level technology issues such as ransomware attacks, malware or antivirus issues, hardware failures (servers, hard drives, etc.)
  • LawTech Partners may attempt to solve basic questions for legal-specific services but will also point members to call upon those who provide their own support to customers (Rocket Matter, Clio, Thompson Reuters, Lexis, Fastcase)
  • Practice management questions typically fielded by LegalFuel may be diverted to LegalFuel practice management advisors

Will there be a call time limit?

LawTech Partners will attempt to keep all calls to a limit of 30 minutes. For pre-scheduled appointments, the set time will be 30 minutes. There will be no limit to the number of calls a member can make, but no more than one per day. A member may address any number of topics during their allotted time.

How will Members share their screens when necessary for help?

Remote meetings will be held via LawTech Partners’ Zoom account. Remote viewing and desktop sharing will begin upon the member’s consent. No recordings will be made of the sessions.

What information about each call will be shared with The Florida Bar?

LawTech Partners will keep records of all requests for assistance. Information gathered will be securely stored by LawTech Partners and will be limited to name, email, phone number, Florida Bar number, description of issue, the outcome, and time to resolve.

A lawyer’s assistant or other staff person employed by the lawyer may use the Tech Support Helpline to directly benefit the Florida Bar member or their practice. They will be required to sign and submit a Waiver & Release.

How long will the (Beta) Tech Support Helpline be available?

The Tech Support Helpline is scheduled to be active from March 15, 2021 through May 15, 2021.