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July 20, 2020 | Video Conference Toolkit

How to Create a Virtual Background in Zoom



What is a virtual background? Zoom’s virtual background feature allows a person to show an image “behind them” rather than their actual physical location. This works well when conducting hearings or client meetings from home, especially if you don’t have a professional workspace at home.

Step By Step Guide to Creating a Virtual Background on Zoom

Step 1- Open the Zoom app on your computer or device.

Step 2- Click the settings button in the right corner. The picture below shows an arrow pointing towards the settings button. Please note the settings button might be located somewhere else depending on the device.

Zoom Settings


Step 3- Navigate to the “Virtual Backgrounds” setting. A picture of the “Virtual Backgrounds” setting is shown below.

Virtual Background

Step 4- Navigate to “Choose Background” to select from a preloaded list of images. Once you click on a preloaded background a sample video will be displayed with the background of your choosing.

Select Image

Step 5- Alternatively, you can upload your own background picture. To do so, click the plus sign and then follow the prompts to select and upload the picture you want. The picture below shows the location of the plus sign.

Add Image

My company, SavvySuit, is a software development company which specializes in legal and access to justice technology. Our graphics department designed our custom Zoom backgrounds, to promote our product Pro Bono Matters. As your law firm uses Zoom and other platforms to interact with clients and the court system, keep in mind that your virtual background can be an opportunity for marketing and branding your organization.

For more information about law firm branding, check out LegalFuel’s article, “Foundations of Law Firm Branding.”


Eli Mattern, Esq. is the CEO and General Counsel for SavvySuit, a software company in Orlando. She serves on the The Florida Bar’s Committee on Technology and the Self-Represented Litigant Network workgroup on Justice Tech. She’s a former legal aid attorney, and avid believer in pro bono service. Find her on Twitter @SarahEliMattern.