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October 30, 2020 | Video Conference Toolkit

How to Manage Exhibits in a Virtual Courtroom


Tania Williams, Founder and Executive Director of the Skilled Advocate Company, discusses how to handle exhibits in a virtual courtroom. This video is part of LegalFuel’s Video Conference Toolkit being developed by the Standing Committee on Technology.

About The Presenter(s)

Tania Williams, Esq.
Tania Williams is the Founder and Executive Director of the Skilled Advocate Company. Tania began her career as a prosecutor, segued into becoming a law school professor, taught for NITA, was an appellate attorney at a large firm, and is now a personal guide for lawyers to all things trial. Tania has tried anywhere between 75 to 100 trials over the course of her career. Tania has a heart for helping others become their best self in the courtroom. She uses her knowledge of trial theater, and her command of the evidence code, to help other lawyers own their courtrooms. Since founding the Skilled Advocate Company, she has helped hundreds of lawyers become better advocates and achieve better results for their clients.