How to Use Time Management and Mindfulness to Improve Your Law Practice


“Many solo and small firm lawyers have a hard time managing their practices in addition to being a lawyer full time. Most lawyers in any field are interested in efficient time management. On this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, Adriana Linares and Renee Thompson speak with law firm coach Nora Bergman about how lawyers can organize time and use mindfulness to get more work done in less time. Tune in to hear about creating focus time, planning your week, training your brain for effectiveness, and actually implementing tips!

Nora Riva Bergman is a certified practice advisor at Atticus, a company that helps law firms with time management, marketing, human resources, and finances. A licensed attorney since 1992, Nora brings a deep understanding of the practice and business of law to her work with lawyers, law firms, and bar associations. Mentioned in This Episode
Your Brain At Work By David Rock