Is it permissible to transfer money from operating to trust to cover bank fees taken from my trust account?


I have recently opened an IOTA trust account and have been informed by the bank that there will be fees for checks and other fees associated with maintaining the account. The bank has declined to provide these services for free and has asked for a transfer from my operating account to cover these expenses. I am concerned about commingling my own funds with the clients’ funds, but I cannot think of any other way to pay for these expenses. Is it permissible to do what the bank has asked?

Yes. Rule 5-1.1 (a)(1), Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, states that “[a] lawyer may maintain funds belonging to the lawyer in the trust account in an amount no more than is reasonably sufficient to pay bank charges relating to the trust account.”

The deposit should be treated like an individual client account with a ledger, etc. Once the balance gets low, the attorney can deposit additional sums to maintain a sufficient amount to avoid using client funds to pay the bank fees.