June 15, 2016 | All Technology Topics, Free CLE

Learning to Thrive as a Tech-Savvy Lawyer


Title: Learning to Thrive as a Tech-Savvy Lawyer
Presenter: Nehal Madhani, Founder and CEO, Alt Legal
Seminar Date: June 15, 2016
Length of Program: 60 minutes
Course #: 2377
CLE Credit: 1.0 hour General CLE Credit and 1.0 Technology

Program Description:

Introduction and overview
· Overview of modern software and web architecture
· Introduction to legal technology
o Defining legal technology
o Understanding the role of technology in law
o Impact of technology on shaping the legal profession (traditional v. modern legal practice)
· Reasons to adopt technology
o Efficiency and maximizing your limited resources
o Increasing profitability by selling margins
o Enhancing transparency
o Aligning with client expectations
o Creating a better client experience
o Reducing risks
· Transforming your practice with legal technology
o Identifying areas for technology use
o Finding a community
o Using the right tools for your practice
§ Practice management
§ Document assembly
§ Document management
§ Docketing
§ Communications
§ Billing
§ Workflow automations
o Integrating your practice tools
o Taking your practice mobile
· Ethically using legal technology
o Duty of technology competence
o Technology vendor due diligence
o Cloud security
o Client confidentiality and encryption