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The Florida Bar Tech Support Helpline (BETA)


In March, The Florida Bar announced the launch of a test program—The Florida Bar Tech Support Helpline—to assist solo and small firm lawyers with technology issues and assistance. The three-month beta initiative is an experiment to see if solo and small firm lawyers could benefit from a non-emergency IT helpline. It runs through June 11.

The program, operated by LawTech Partners, is intended to serve solo and small-firm lawyers who typically can’t afford full-time IT departments or managers; it offers remote computer, software and related tech support via phone, live chat, email, or virtual appointment. If successful, the Tech Support Helpline could eventually be added to the Bar’s Member Benefits program.

On today’s bonus episode, guests Adriana Linares, Jay Kim, and Scott Westheimer join host Karla Eckardt to promote the Tech Support Helpline and go over some important FAQs.

Adriana Linares, owner of LawTech Partners, is a legal technology consultant and trainer.

Jay Kim has served on The Florida Bar Board of Governors since 2016 and is currently Chair of the Board Technology Committee.

Scott Westheimer has served on The Florida Bar Board of Governors since 2013 and is currently a member of the Board Technology Committee.

Note: This bonus episode is NOT available for CLE credit.



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