The Highly Energized, Engaged, and Effective Attorney


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Approved for 1 hour of General CLE Credit and 1 hour of Mental Illness Awareness.


Amy Wood, Psy.D.


Session Goal: Learn 8 powerful strategies for increasing your stamina, reducing pressure, feeling happier and… getting better results out of each day at work.

Session Overview: No one needs to tell you how challenging it is to be an attorney or how tough it is to do your best work when you’re drained and depleted from the demands and stress of it all. This CLE webinar will provide you with tools and techniques to not only get your job done with greater ease amid stress, but actually produce superior work. The emphasis will be on keeping your energy level high and your mind focused so that you can think more creatively and solve problems faster. By participating, you’ll learn how to maintain the super resilient, peak performance state necessary to respond calmly, gain cooperation, and neutralize even the most difficult situations and people you encounter.

Consider this webinar a mini-university of only the most practical, proven and easy-to-implement practices to:

  • Increase your drive and focus without resorting to a steady intake of coffee and energy drinks.
  • Reduce the afternoon crash and foggy headedness that dulls your sharp thought.
  • Bring greater peace of mind into your day.
  • Enhance your mood (and even change your biochemistry) so you don’t just perform better, you also FEEL BETTER day in and day out.
  • Operate at your high-powered best without burning out or being vulnerable to illness.
  • Just plain feel happier, healthier and more rewarded.


Handout – The Highly Energized, Engaged & Effective Attorney

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