Consumer Law Meets Cyber Law: Emerging Consumer Protection Issues in Light of Digital Innovation and Technology Advancements


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Approved for 4.0 hours of General CLE Credit and 4.0 hours of Technology


Digital innovation and technological advancements are changing the way that consumers interact with businesses. Consumers increasingly rely on technology for convenience and simplicity, while companies use new technologies to learn more about customers’ wants and needs.

As consumers become more reliant on new technologies, what are the implications for consumer protection and data analytics?

This year’s Consumer Protection Law Committee Presidential Showcase CLE focuses on relevant consumer protection issues facing both consumer lawyers and general practitioners. Panelists include successful veterans in the fields of consumer protection, cybercrime, data hostage negotiations, bitcoin and digital currency, and data analytics. Participants will also learn about emerging consumer protection issues including litigation and enforcement trends and ethical and policy implications.


Consumer Law Meets Cyber Law – Materials
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