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Trust Accounting Forms


See RRTFB Chapter 5: Rules Regulating Trust Accounts


Forms to Open an IOTA Account

Notice to Eligible Institution Form (Submit to bank. Must be kept on file.)

Sample Trust Account Bank Notification Letter (Submit to bank. Must be kept on file.)

Notice to Funding Florida Legal Aid Form (Formerly named The Florida Bar Foundation) (Complete Online) (Submit to Funding Florida Legal Aid AFTER opening the account)


When opening your account, we strongly recommend that you request that your bank activate Positive Pay on your trust account.


Form to Close an IOTA Account

Notice of Closed IOTA Account (Complete Online) (Submit to Funding Florida Legal Aid (Formerly named The Florida Bar Foundation) AFTER closing the account)


Additional Forms

Monthly Reconciliation Forms

Minimum Requirements Trust Account Plan Form

Extended Trust Account Plan Form

Trust Account Compliance Certificate & Pro Bono Report

Eligible Institution IOTA Error Report Form (Complete Online )

Voluntary Monthly Trust Account Certificate

Checklist: Trust Disbursements

Procedural Statement – Trust Account Receipts


For more information, please visit our Trust Accounting page.