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March 24, 2020 | News

Introducing Procertas Legal Tech Assessment


LegalFuel is pleased to offer a new tool, Procertas Legal Technology Assessments (LTA), to help you learn law office technologies such as Word, Excel, PDF, and Florida e-filing that are important tech skills to become an efficient lawyer.

The LTA is self-paced and geared to helping you become proficient in the specific tasks done by lawyers dozens of times every day. From mastering styles in Word, sorting data in Excel, and redacting text in PDF, you will quickly gain proficiency beyond that of most legal professionals.

Unlike most trainings, Procertas LTA is built on an active learning, self-directed, competency-based approach. For every task you’ll download a file, work on it in Word/Excel/Adobe Acrobat, then upload the file. LTA pinpoints areas where training is needed, and then the training module shows you step-by-step how to perform that task. In a very short time you’ll quickly be able to focus on the skills you’ve yet to acquire.

It’s easy:

  • Take one of the Assessment modules in Word, Excel, or PDF (and no worries if you get stumped on these — only about 1% of associates, law firm staff, and law students achieve a Qualified score on their first attempt)
  • Run the quick Training modules in any areas you missed, as many times as you wish
  • Retake the Assessment module

To learn more about Procertas and the Legal Technology Assessment watch our introductory video here.

Purchase The Florida Bar’s Technology Training Programs here.