The Human Aspect of Cybersecurity: Cautionary Tales to Mitigate Risk – Social Engineering


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Approved for 1.0 hours of General CLE Credit including 1.0 hours of Technology.


Today’s technological advances allow businesses to be more efficient than ever before. But it also increases the threats from cybercriminals. This program will explore how hackers use social engineering and explain how it works, how to prepare for it, and how to protect your firm.

Learn about some of the newest threats to cybersecurity (social engineering) and how you can protect your firm and your clients’ information.

Learning Objectives:

  • How cybercrime can impact your firm.
  • Real examples of recent cybercrime incidents using social engineering.
  • Tips to protect your firm from cyber threats.


Guilday Law Case Study


Christophe Reglat is a nationally-recognized expert in the fields of managed data hosting and cybersecurity and is the technical mind that built Coaxis’ data center located in Tallahassee, FL. He is a member of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Task Force that includes conducting cybersecurity training alongside the agency, and serves as vice president of the Southeast Chapter of InfraGard (a collaborative partnership between the FBI and private sector that advances the timely exchange of information necessary to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure). Christophe is also active on the board and executive council of the Florida Technology Council. As president and CEO of Coaxis, Christophe leads the company in providing managed hosting services to legal, financial, healthcare, and criminal justice clients in all 50 states, Canada and India.

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