Conducting Depositions Online – What You Need to Know


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Are you prepared to move your depositions forward – online? Beware: It takes more than a webcam and an Internet connection to safely and securely undertake the process. A complete understanding of what remote options are available and how they work is critical to avoiding the pitfalls of inaccurately hosting depositions online.

Understandably, as the volume of litigation continues to climb and the availability of professional court reporters continues to dwindle, law firms and corporations need reliable alternatives to soundly producing the written record.

Now, more than ever, attorneys and their teams must inject new efficiencies into the way depositions are managed. There are two reliable concepts that every team should consider:

Remote Depositions – Videoconferencing: Witness and Court Reporter are in the same room while members of the legal teams may be remote
Remote Reporters – Videoconferencing: Witness, Court Reporter and entire legal team is remote (As permitted by state laws and regulations)

Take immediate action to become proficient in managing your cases online! View this one-hour complimentary session and witness first-hand how important cloud-based functions work in remote depositions, such as real-time transcription of the testimony, electronic exhibits, remote swear-ins, and more. In addition, we will cover what you need to know about working with a remote court reporter to ensure that the record is captured accurately and efficiently.


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The sample language suggested is below:


Pursuant to the No. AOSC20-23 issued by the Florida Supreme Court on April 6, 2020, …. [recommended to use the most recent Administrative Order].


Suggested language for remote deposition notice: “The witness may be sworn in using remote videoconferencing technology.”


It is hereby stipulated that this deposition will be taken by remote videoconferencing equipment and that the oath will be administered remotely by videoconference. The parties stipulate that the reporter and witness will be in remote locations. Pursuant to [NAME OF ORDER] issued by the [STATE] Supreme Court on [Month] ___, 2020, all parties stipulate and agree that the witness is identified as ________ and the witness was placed under oath remotely. This deposition shall be used for all purposes like other depositions.

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For Florida Supreme Court updates and administrative orders referenced, please visit:

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