EAPs and the Bar: Providing Mental Health Services to Attorneys


George Martin and Lisa Hardy explain the many types of help available to attorneys through an employee assistance program.

The Florida Bar continues to seek to lessen the stigma surrounding mental health issues and offer more support to its members in the future. To bolster these goals, it has been working to develop a partnership with CorpCare Associates, Inc. and their employee assistance program. Hosts Christine Bilbrey and Karla Eckardt welcome George Martin and Lisa Hardy, both of CorpCare, to outline the many services offered through their program and explain how they have worked with other bar associations to provide 24/7 mental health help and extensive support for members.

George W. Martin, Jr., is president and CEO of CorpCare Associates, Inc., a national employee assistance program company.

Lisa Hardy is vice president of clinical operations at CorpCare Associates, Inc.

This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1 hour of General or Mental Illness Awareness CLE Credit. Course #3866.