Is Your Firm a Hostile Work Environment? and Other Employment Law Violations


Deborah Minnis discusses considerations for Title VII and other antidiscrimination statutes in the law firm setting.

Employment law violations happen in all businesses— even law firms. How can you protect your firm and, more importantly, your employees from harassment and other workplace issues? In this edition of The Florida Bar PodcastChristine Bilbrey and Karla Eckardt welcome employment law expert Deborah Minnis to help lawyers understand the applications of Title VII and other antidiscrimination statutes within the law firm setting. They share examples of misconduct in law firms, offer advice on preventative training, and discuss the elements of harassment claims. Deborah also surveys current employment law trends to help law firms stay up to date on developments in this area of the law.

Deborah Minnis is an attorney and shareholder at Ausley & McMullen in Tallahassee, Florida.

This podcast has been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1 hour of General CLE Credit. Course # 3732.


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