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July 20, 2021 | News

LegalFuel’s Q&A with Dave Kaplan; General Counsel of AXEL


1. What is AXEL?

AXEL is a next-generation SaaS company that genuinely cares about privacy and security. Technology has outpaced humankind and advanced at an exponential rate over the last two decades. As societies race to catch up, we find ourselves navigating a climate of breaches and affronts to our privacy online.
From our headquarters in Nevada, we build cutting-edge technology that empowers individuals and businesses with software solutions to improve data privacy and security capabilities. We create decentralized innovations to harness tomorrow’s technology, including blockchain and the InterPlanetary File System, and have dozens of awarded patents and patent applications under our belts. Our global team of engineers is constantly pushing the envelope to bring award-winning products to market and close gaps in privacy and security.

2. What is the difference between AXEL and AXEL Go?

AXEL, the company, builds solutions and brings awareness to data custody.

The AXEL Network’s decentralized and distributed servers form the backbone of our products. The network infrastructure gives users a level of privacy unheard of in the age of “Big Tech.” The AXEL Network offers versatility to users and is ideal for anyone who must keep data private and secure.

AXEL Go is a premier cloud storage and file-sharing web, desktop, and mobile application with integrated security and privacy technology. It’s built on top of our AXEL Network and is paired with encryption to keep your files safe from hackers or unauthorized access. We developed AXEL Go to have a simple, intuitive user experience that people of all tech backgrounds can easily use.

3. Why is AXEL Go the ideal tool for legal professionals?

Lawyers have a legal and ethical obligation to protect client information. They don’t have time to stumble through learning curves or deal with a client interface that upsets their clients when seeking file security. AXEL Go is a simple and effective tool to use when storing or sharing files securely. Lawyers and their teams find it straightforward, and clients don’t have to have an AXEL Go account to share files with or receive files from their lawyers. With no minimum seat requirements, AXEL Go is as accessible to solo practitioners as it is to enterprise clients.

4. How does AXEL Go work?

AXEL Go makes file storage and transfers more private and secure by combining blockchain technology, a distributed cloud, data sharding, and military-grade encryption. AXEL Go users have the option to store, request or share unlimited file types or sizes. It divides files into many small, encrypted pieces, which can only be reassembled and accessed by the file owner or whomever the file owner gives access to. The file owner can grant and revoke access to anyone at any time. Data shards are recombined into files by recipients from servers closest to them for speed. Users can opt to enable password encryption, which offers a second layer of protection. AXEL Go is fast, secure, and easy to use.

It’s packed with innovative features like:

  • Secure Fetch- This acts as a digital courier and allows the user to request files from anyone through secure links. Recipients click on the link and upload the necessary documents, and then the sender gets notified when they are ready for download. Those receiving the links do not need to have AXEL Go accounts. This offers flexibility and the ability to integrate AXEL Go into existing file-sharing workflows seamlessly.
  • Digital Shredding- AXEL Go server nodes are decentralized. This reduces the potential attack of malicious agents and allows us to implement a process we call ‘digital shredding.’ When you send a file via AXEL Go, it gets divided into many small parts and distributed among our scattered servers. This means that even if hackers compromise a server, they will not gain access to the file.
  • Private Share- AXEL Go provides ways to retain control over the information you share. The Private Share feature allows you to input a specific email address for your secure link. This ensures it only goes to the people you want.

5. What can we expect from AXEL going forward?

Since we own and develop our technology, we survey the market periodically and innovative our offerings to meet client needs. Our line is always open, and we look forward to hearing from Florida’s legal professionals on what features and tools they might find helpful. Give us a call at (702) 948-9970 with your questions and comments or email us any time at to book a 15-minute demo of AXEL Go!

AXEL Go is an approved Member Benefit of The Florida Bar. Florida Bar members receive 20% discount on monthly or yearly AXEL Go subscription plans and a free trial of AXEL Go Premium. The lightweight and cost-effective tool protects client data without getting in the way of business. Sign up or start your free trial today.