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Make Sure Your Online Marketing Efforts Reflect Your Uniqueness


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In the modern era, it’s critical for attorneys to be savvy about online marketing. It can be tough to decide which online channels to use and how to be authentic and reflective of your true self. Fortunately, there are a lot of steps you can take to make sure your online presence is effective and personable.

Lawyers shouldn’t overlook their law firm websites as a way to display uniqueness and authenticity. Providing personal information such as your hobbies, your volunteer work, your family, and even such things as your favorite movies can help clients feel connected to you in a way they might not have otherwise.

It’s also critical to update your website regularly. Review your biography and make sure things like your professional affiliations and profile photo are up-to-date. If you have a blog, make sure you’re writing new posts on a consistent basis so website visitors always have something new to read. The best law firm websites always have excellent visuals and fresh content.

It’s equally important to be diligent about maintaining and updating your social media presence. Your LinkedIn bio should also have a current photo and an engaging first-person summary of your skills and background. Comment on interesting articles by leaders in your industry. If you maintain a Twitter or Facebook account, build out your social media queue so you are always sharing things regularly, and don’t just make your posts information about your firm. A robust mix of content will ensure that your followers stay engaged. Adding photos or videos will make sure that your posts stand out.

Finally, remember that in some very vital ways, online marketing is no different than offline marketing. Trying to draw a bright line between the two leads you to underemphasize the importance and usefulness of both. Both methods rely on you presenting an engaging and genuine vision of yourself and the services you provide. Make sure that your online self is as appealing and professional as your offline self and it will do worlds for your marketing.