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Approved for 1 hour of General CLE Credit, 1 hour of Technology, and 1 hour of Ethics.


If you think technology is complicated, try complying with all of the ethics rules for lawyers using that technology in their law firms! With so many hidden dangers in frequently used tools and platforms, including email, social media and applications in the cloud, it would be helpful to know how to stay secure and compliant. That’s why we’re happy to present this CLE, full of information that will help attorneys learn about technology risks, and suggested practices and solutions. We’ll give you the confidence you need to comfortably use the latest technology in your firm without worrying about whether you’ve done enough to mitigate the risks.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Learn about information security and data privacy as it relates to your clients’ and law firm’s confidential information, as well as how the duty of reasonable care applies
  • Get an understanding of confidentiality and competency basics as it relates to the technology you use
  • Discover how you can stay compliant while you’re away from the office, including privacy screens and wifi concerns
  • Learn the dangers of email, like reply-all, BCCs, phishing scams, and sending confidential client information
  • Learn how the latest technology can help your firm, and the most important questions to ask service providers to meet your due diligence requirements


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