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Trust Accounting Resources


Where to start?

Fees and When to Place in Trust
Opening a Trust Account


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Rules & Opinions

Chapter 5, Trust Accounting, The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar

Here are all the Ethics Opinions regarding Trust Accounts:

  • Charging fees and expenses from two cases against settlement received in one case 62-15
  • Checks identifying lawyer as lawyer 65-14
  • Costs advances from client placed in trust account 93-2
  • Disclosing possession of client’s funds to client’s creditors 60-34
  • Disclosing trust account records to third parties 72-393-512-4
  • Disputed funds held in trust 02-402-6
  • Fees, which to place in trust accounts 93-2
  • Funds held for a “specific purpose” 82-287-12
  • IRS demands records 72-3
  • Keeping client funds in several accounts to ensure complete FDIC coverage 72-37
  • Nonlawyer employee as a signatory 64-4064-40 (Rec)
  • Nonrefundable retainer 93-2
  • Payment Apps 21-2
  • Placing client funds in interest-bearing deposits with interest going to law firm 72-13
  • Settlement proceeds deposited directly info account in client’s name 00-200-2 (Rec)
  • Title insurance company requests agent’s records for audit 93-512-4
  • Writ of garnishment served on attorney 66-78

See the Ethics Department’s complete Subject Index of Ethics Opinions. If you have questions about the aforementioned opinions you may contact the Ethics Hotline at 800.235.8619.

*Note: Advisory Ethics Opinions are not binding.

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