Clio Blog | Organization for Lawyers: How to Get Your Practice Organized


Organization for lawyers can be tough—especially in such high-stress, high-performing environments.

If your desk has disappeared under a chaotic pile of papers, or if you often find yourself spending too much time searching for client files, read this post for some valuable suggestions on how to get organized as a legal professional. And if you find yourself inadvertently missing billable hours on invoices because you’re not regularly tracking time, fret not. We’re here to help you get on the path to organization—an essential skill that can lead to improved mental health and the long-term success of your practice.


How can lawyers get organized?
How to get your legal practice organized 
Clear your mind
Begin with organizing your desk and office 
Limit distractions from notifications
Improve your time management skills
Commit to improving communication with clients and colleagues
How to organize law firm files
Use legal project management tools
How getting organized can impact your mental health

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