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Design Your Firm for a Better Client Experience


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An exceptional client experience can drive home your firm’s know-how and dedication, not to mention improve your client’s confidence in you. By tweaking your firm’s business practices to focus on happy clients, you’ll create a better client experience that stands out from the competition.

Communicate from Start to Finish

Each client who comes to you deserves to leave feeling empowered and comfortable with their decision to partner with you. This means your client intake process can make or break your relationship. Start off on the right foot by following these steps:

  • Take the time to be an active listener and ask questions. Discover your client’s concerns and the root of the case first and foremost.
  • Gather all of the details you need first. It is your responsibility to gather the details you need. Your client won’t understand what is important information for the case and what isn’t.
  • Always give your client a follow-up call time and date. Make sure your client understands when they can expect their next call from you.

After you onboard a new client, communicate often during the process. When clients don’t hear from their attorney, they assume the worst. Do your best to keep them informed.

Does your client prefer to be emailed with updates? Or, do they want a phone call? Discover what method of communication they prefer and what their expectations are. If you can’t meet these expectations, work with your client to reach an agreement that suits you both.

Define and Communicate Your Policies and Practices

Negative client experiences are often caused by unattainable expectations on both sides. To avoid conflict, define what you do from the start. Outline your policies and business practices to show your client what they can expect from you each step of the way.

For example, how often do you send out bills? How often can they expect a call about their case? What will you need from them for you to deliver your best service?

The more you communicate up front, the greater foundation you can lay for a smooth client relationship moving forward.

Train Your Law Firm for Success

Remember, your client experience doesn’t stop with you. If you have a receptionist, paralegal, or other staff, you’ll want to train them on how to offer the best customer service to your clients. Your support staff may be the first face your client sees when they visit. Make it a friendly one that then sets the tone for the rest of their experience.

Find More Ways to Set Your Firm Apart

The client experience is only one area of many that you can use to help set your firm apart from the rest. Lawyerist’s Small Firm Scorecard is the perfect tool for digging deeper into what’s going right for your firm—and what’s holding you back. To gain valuable insight into your firm, take the Small Firm Scorecard today.