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October 21, 2019 | Cyber Alerts

Fraudulent Email Alert – October 21, 2019


The Florida Bar is warning it members about yet another fraudulent email that is being distributed; this time using the logo of the Tax Section and seeking “donations” to assist “one of our members” who has a sick child.

It’s a scam email and should be deleted.

The subject line of the email reads “Help Jake” and purports to come from “The Florida Tax Lawyers Section,” yet the sending email address is “” The body of the email uses the Tax Section logo and features a story and photo of a young boy who has the “rare disease known as Cholesteatoma, which causes a tumor to grow behind his eardrum” and requires a “pioneering operation costing $18,000.” The email seeks donations through “Fundly,”  a crowdfunding site for online fundraising.

The best course of action is to delete the email.

Lawyers are always advised to keep their guards up as charlatans are out there looking to do them harm.

LegalFuel — The Practice Resource Center of The Florida Bar, has resources available on its website to help lawyers recognize and avoid becoming victims of a scam. Visit