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Local Advertising


Where can you get the most exposure to potential clients? It may not always be online, especially on the local level. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Most lawyers will agree that a personal referral is the best way to build your practice. It takes time to build these referral sources and the best way to do that is to do good work and have that work recognized by other lawyers, clients and business people. This has always been frustrating for new lawyers, because how are you supposed to get these referrals if you struggle to get the legal work to show how great you are? Unfortunately, this sometimes takes a little while, but its good to know what you can and cannot do when it comes to a referral from another lawyer:

For fee sharing information, be sure to reference the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

Local Bar Association Groups & Events

Referrals from other lawyers may be your best asset once your name gets out there. A great way to meet lawyers of a diverse age range and practice group is to attend a local bar event. In addition to having monthly lunches, CLEs, speakers and a wealth of other resources, it is also a wonderful networking opportunity. Most local bar associations also have a young lawyers group so you can engage with your local peers as well. These associations typically have an annual fee, however some groups offer lower rates for newer or government lawyers, so don’t be afraid to ask!

For a list of Local Bar Associations throughout the State, check out this link.

Pro Bono/Low Bono Work

Doing pro bono work is not only rewarding, but a great way to gain experience and meet people in your community. The Florida Bar is currently reviewing and expanding its pro bono services and working to provide a greater access to justice. If you would like to learn more about pro bono work or would like to participate in a variety of programs, you can find more information at the links below:


If you are targeting your legal services to a specific market, or have an interest in an event, either as a participant or spectator, consider sponsoring the event as a way to let others in the community know that you have opened an office in the area.  Many events advertise on merchandise, the radio, in the local paper, news or social media, allowing your sponsorship of a single event to reach potential clients through several different news mediums.

Print, Television & Billboards

Locally printed and distributed magazines can be an effective way to reach a local target market. These magazines could be recapping events and people in the area, or related to a specific industry, i.e. medical, construction, marine, etc. If you know you would like to represent clients in a specific industry, putting your advertising dollars to work in a specific area can be beneficial. Additionally, local television advertisements or well-placed billboards can gain you great name recognition. However, they will likely also cost far more than you might be willing to spend when you are first getting started, but may be a good investment a few years down the road!

Local Civic & Business Groups

A great way to learn about your community and the businesses that serve the community is by joining a local business group. You might consider joining the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, a business roundtable, or an industry specific group if your practice concentrates on a specific industry. Not only will you be meeting potential clients, but you will also be contributing to your community as a whole and learning about the place in which you have chosen to grow your business.

Business Cards

Again, the internet offers a wide range of designs and price points for business cards, so first decide what is right for your business. Including both a phone number and e-mail address is advisable in order to give potential clients an easy means of contacting you.To find some quick and easy places to order business cards in various quantities check out these online resources: